guest rooms provence
guest rooms
Golf :
Golf de Nîmes Vacquerolles
Golf du Grand Avignon
Golf d’Uzès
Golf d’Orange :

200 meters from Chateau Beaupré, Haras du Nizon, tel: 04 66 50 93 78
Poney Club Montfaucon Ecuries du Nil, tel: 04 66 50 11 92
200 meters from the Château
Parachuting school of Pujaut.
You will found any informations in Pujaut: first flight, improvement, proficiency courses...
Bikes rental
Go off to explore the south roads! Treat yourself to a two-wheeled escape for the pleasure to cross Provence in complete freedom....
Canoeing rental
Goudargues. Discovering la Cèze, quiet river and easy to access for anyone.
Acrobatic trees circuit
In the forest of Valbonnes, at the Carthusian Monastery.
Tel : 06 23 90 12 47

To go boating on the Rhône
The restaurant-boats, Le Mireio and La Saône with panoramic views, heated or air-conditioned, with powerful floodlights, offer all comfort to discover the road of the Rhône, in just the right conditions.
Hot-air balloon flight above the Cévennes
Flight over Le Gardon and the Bridge of the Gard, over the roofs of Uzès, the scrubland and the landscape of the Languedoc.
Conducted by Jean Domet, federal instructor in high atmosphere physics.
Amazonia Parc. Roquemaure:
For the children from 3 to 12 years old, a variety of attractions in indian and aztec themes.
Tel : 04 66 82 53 92
Archipelago of the Islands of the Pheasants at St Etienne des Sorts:
Secret harbour of the Pirates, Island of Robinson, boating, giant bamboos forest, turtles.
Tel : 06 72 62 46 11
Sun and Cosmos Astronomy Park, at Les Angles
Discovery tour of the universe, Borie planetarium.
Tel : 04 90 25 66 82

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